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Things You Can Do To Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Minnesota! A great place to raise a family. You certainly want to make sure your family is comfortable and safe in your home, no matter the season, for many years to come! Minnesota is known for its biting cold winters, and humid hot summers. If you are not local, the extreme high and low temperatures may come as a surprise to you. The fluctuations in temperature will reflect on utility bills, which may end up costing more than you were prepared to pay.

One way to avoid pricey energy bills is to have a professional inspection of the exterior of your home. Many options are available for you as a homeowner to use to your advantage. There are some things you can do to your house to make it more energy efficient.

How do you know if your roof needs an upgrade? There are a few signs to look for... Unfortunately, many homeowners do not think about roof maintenance until they notice a costly and unavoidable problem. When it comes to a roof repair in Minnesota, you don't want to wait to address an issue with your roof. It is not ideal in the dead of winter or the sweltering summer heat. Here are a few things you can do to look for signs of improvement to your home:

Keep an eye out for cracked or missing shingles: They are affordable and easy to install, but it is quite common for the shingles to be dislodged due to wear and tear from high winds, persistent precipitation (rain and snow), and branches or debris falling onto your roof.

Take a look in your attic space. There can also be signs in your attic. If there is damage to the roof, you will often see damage in the wooden structure and rafters of your attic.

Even your gutters will feel the effects of a roof in distress. Additionally, if you find dark, sand-like deposits in your gutters or below your downspouts, it is a sign that your roof is in need of service.

Being aware of the lifespan of your roof is key in knowing when you need a roof replacement in Minnesota. No matter how much upkeep you do to maintain and care for your roof, it will eventually reach the end of its protection capabilities. There are various materials that make up a roof, all with differing functions. It is valuable to any homeowner be aware of what a roof is made of and when the last time it was inspected or replaced. A history of roof repairs can be very telling that your roof may be in need of a roof replacement as well.

If you plan to build your home, repair, or replace outdated materials on an existing home, choose building materials that are sustainable and energy efficient. Keep in mind that you want to be on the lookout for energy efficient siding, windows, roofing. These affordable options are highly recommended to all of our customers, as we want you to see a return on your investment.

When it comes to searching for energy efficient roofing, you want roofing materials reflect and do not hold the heat within. Go with the lighter colored roofing materials, and if possible, install solar panels to collect energy that can be stored and used in the future. There are also cost saving and energy efficient ways to insulate your home. Upgrade your windows for better energy efficiency, especially if the windows you currently have are old and outdated. Use paints, sealants and adhesives on your home's windows that are eco-friendly. Install additional or new insulation to help hold in any heat or cool air. If you already plan on having your exterior siding replaced – install insulation under the siding.

If it is time for a home exterior upgrade or remodel using energy efficient siding, vinyl siding, or energy efficient windows - request a free inspection with Refresh Exteriors. Calling for that free estimate could lead to lower electric bills, energy bills, and a more comfortable & happy family!

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