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Refresh Solar Shingles

A total roofing solution.

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Introducing the roofing solution you have been waiting for -- POWERHOUSETM 3.0
Solar Shingles. Going far beyond a traditional roof, our solar shingles generate
electricity from the sun to power your life—while keeping everything inside
protected from the elements. Best of all these revolutionary solar shingles are
now available in your area.



• Installed by a POWERHOUSETM Professional along with the regular shingles, giving you a single point of contact for the entire roof.

• Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

• Built to withstand winds from 110-200

• Earned certifications for performance and safety, offering exceptional quality and durability.

• Visually stunning as a building-integrated photovoltaic solution.

• Protects like a traditional roof and provides renewable energy with electrical cost savings.

Monitoring system to view your energy production and savings

Power your home and your life with
POWERHOUSETM 3.0 Solar Shingles.

We look forward to helping you protect your home as you power your life with POWERHOUSETM 3.0 Solar Shingles.

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powerhouse shingles.jpeg

Looks great and works hard.

Converts energy from the sun into power for your home, sending excess energy back to the utilities’ power grid for credit to you.

• Decreases dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment.

• Improves marketability: Houses with solar increase in value and sell twice as fast, on average, as houses without solar.

• Boosts curb appeal — the second most important community feature sought by homebuyers.

• A custom-designed, building-integrated photovoltaic solution for asphalt-composition shingle roofs that installs flush with asphalt shingles.

POWERHOUSE provides long-term savings.

Stressed About Money 2.jpg

• Starts saving you money from the first day the system is connected.

• Reduces your utility costs: Every kWh of energy created is one you don’t have to buy from the power company.

• Saves you at tax time. You can use a 30% federal tax credit and state and local utility incentives.

• The solar shingles protect your home the same as traditional materials while enabling energy savings.


POWERHOUSE has you covered!

  • The original solar shingle, on over 1000 homes

  • Version 3.0 is the most advanced solar shingle available

  • 24 Year power production warranty

  • 20 Year weatherization warranty

  • 11 Year parts warranty

  • 15 Certifications for Performance & Safety

  • Protects as an actual roofing material

  • Provides clean energy with electrical cost saving

  • Entire roof may be eligible for 30% ITC


Highest Fire Rating: Class A


Hail Rating: Up to 1.5"


Highest Wind Rating: Up to 200mph

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