High Quality Roofing Work

If you are looking for expert roofing contractors who can offer you a complete range of solutions, you have come to the right place. Refresh Exteriors, LLC is one of the most experienced exterior construction companies, offering a range of services including roofing, siding, gutters and disaster recovery in the great state of Minnesota.

Your roof is what protects your home from the weather and the elements outside, and along with the walls on your home, is the most important thing that you have keeping the weather out. When you need roof repair or replacement, you don’t want to entrust the job to just anyone; you need to hire the experienced and most trustworthy roofing contractors in Minnesota: Refresh Exteriors, LLC.

Whether you need a entire new roof or you are just looking to repair or restore your existing roof, the key to a long-lasting one is high quality work. The contractors at Refresh Exteriors, LLC are highly trained professionals with several years of experience working on all types of roofs from many different manufacturers so we can get you the exact roof you want for your home, or repair the one that you have with accuracy and precision. In addition, we are certified and licensed to provide roofing work in the state of Minnesota.

Certified and Trained Installers

The work that Refresh Exteriors does is only as good as the installers who complete the job. This is why we require all of our roofing inspectors to go through one of the highest-level of training in the industry, the Haag Engineering Roofing Inspector Program.

Quick Response Time

Quick and timely repairs are important to maintain the integrity of your roof. Even minor repairs can turn into more expensive problems if they are not addressed quickly. We promise a fast response time, usually within 24 hours, and we guarantee the work that we do with a comprehensive warranty.

Fair Pricing

We understand that when you’re looking for complete replacement, repairs or restoration on your roof, cost is an important consideration. That is why we guarantee fair pricing, and use industry-leading technology to help estimate the costs in advance. More accurate cost estimates mean fewer surprises when you receive the final bill, and more savings in your pocket.

To find out more about how we can help with all of your roofing needs please contact us at 612-324-ROOF or fill out our easy-to-use online form, found on our contact page, for more information.